Seasonal Pitches and Storage at Arrow Bank

Do you love caravanning but can’t get excited about towing anymore? We can help! We offer seasonal touring pitches and a secure storage and a tow facility so that you can leave your caravan at Arrow Bank.

This page explains all about seasonal and storage at Arrow Bank,and if you scroll down there's a form so you can request more information. 

Caravan 'store and stay' at Arrow Bank:

The next time you're due to arrive, your caravan will have been towed out of our secure area onto a pitch ready for use.

  • Your touring caravan will be stored in our locked storage yard.
  • No towing - a stress free start to your holiday
  • Your caravan ready and waiting on a pitch. (booking required and subject to availability.)
  • The park is fitted with CCTV cameras
  • Located in North Herefordshire just a couple of hours from West Midlands & S.Wales
  • Walking abd cycling in all directions from the park
  • Heated facilities including laundry and dish washing.
  • Dog friendly, with dog wash

Available dates:

We are open from March 1st to January 2nd and offer:

  • Summer Season – March 1st to October 31st
  • Temporary Storage – short term by arrangement. This is offered as 1 night up to an arranged number of nights. For Example: If you wanted to stay 2 consecutive weekends we can offer you Temporary storage on park @ £3.00 per night when you are not in your caravan.
Price Guide – Store & Stay 
Towing out and in of storage (per stay)£14.00
Towing out and in of storage (off park, each way)£12.00
Annual fees: 
Single axle caravan - due by 1st March£590.00
Single axle caravan (with wheel clamps) - due by 1st March£630.00
Twin axle caravan - due by 1st March£745.00
Twin axle caravan (with wheel clamps) - due by 1st March£785.00

Seasonal Touring Pitches

Our seasonal touring pitches are very popular and demand often exceeds supply. Our store and stay customers often express their interest and as such we operate a waiting list and a first refusal system. Becoming a 'store and stay' customer first not only gives you the opportunity to see if you like the park but is often a great stepping stone to a seasonal touring pitch at Arrow Bank.

Seasonal pitches at Arrow Bank

  • No towing = You can enjoy a stress free relaxing holiday

  • No pre booking/you can arrive and go whenever you want.

  • Your touring caravan has a dedicated pitch.

  • No need to pack items away for towing

  • Awnings can be set up and left ready for your next visit.

  • The park is fitted with CCTV cameras

  • Located in rural Herefordshire, offering peace and quiet.

  • Walking in all directions from the park

  • Heated facilities including laundry and dish washing.

  • Dog friendly.

Annual fees – Seasonal pitches: March 1st to November 30th 
Standard pitch (due by 1st March)£2700.00
Super pitch (due by 1st March)£2860.00

Fee payable before March 1st each year. A surcharge for late payment will apply. Metered Electric supply payable November.

Find out more about seasonal & storage

For more information and availability please get in touch: 01544 388312 or use the form above. Or, even better, come and see us, we would love to meet you.

It's so peaceful and tranquil. I am a seasonal caravaner and I absolutely love this place, been here for 3 years
Kayleigh M-J. Google

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